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Home Security System Cost

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What does a security system cost?

For homeowners, peace of mind is largely dependent on selecting the appropriate security system. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that installing a trustworthy home security system might be costly. Our home security system is reasonably priced and unique in that it is a professional service rather than a do-it-yourself (DIY) option. An expert technician works with you to customize a system that offers the degree of security you need after evaluating your particular home security demands.

This article will go into the specifics of how much our home security system costs, looking at various components including equipment, installation, monitoring costs, and possible insurance savings. To assist you in making an informed choice, we will also provide you with a breakdown of the various packages and monitoring options.

Analyzing the Costs of Our Home Alarm Systems

Several unique features set our home security system apart from those of other security companies. The mobile app easily interacts with different home automation devices in addition to controlling the security system. Beyond standard security, equipment options include cutting-edge technologies like carbon monoxide monitors, leak sensors, and vehicle tracking systems.

Factors Considered in Pricing of the Home Security System

In order to comprehend the cost of our home security system, it's important to take into account the following crucial elements:

Equipment Needed

home security camera

An essential part of the price of a home security system is the equipment. Our entry-level package, which comes with two door or window sensors, a touch-screen panel, and a motion detector, starts at $599. However, many homeowners discover that their security demands cannot be entirely met by this entry-level package. Additional hardware, such as extra window and door sensors, glass-break detectors, security cameras, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, can be added to customize the system to meet specific needs.

As additional parts are added to the system, the overall cost increases. Customers may feel secure knowing that, even with the higher initial cost, they are getting high-quality, long-lasting technology that offers strong security.

Installation Fee

The initial installation fee is $99, which may go up depending on the level of complexity and amount of equipment being installed. Although some may consider expert installation to be an inconvenience, it guarantees that the system operates properly and is tailored to the layout of your home. Additionally, our professionals offer insightful advice on where to put cameras and other security-related issues that homeowners might not have thought of. Installing the system is a one-time investment that assures its efficacy and ensures that it is configured correctly for optimum security.

Monitoring Charges

All-day security monitoring is included in the basic monitoring plan, which has a starting price of $29.99. This is a recurring expense and is paid every month. The monthly cost can increase to $39.99 for users in need of mid-level smart home monitoring, and $49.99 for users who want more advanced capabilities like video surveillance and smart-home automation. These monthly fees pay for our devoted staff of security experts' continuous surveillance. Since these costs add to the continuous expense of keeping the system operating effectively, it is imperative that you think carefully about which monitoring plan best suits your budget and unique security requirements.

Cancellation Fee

Clients who finance their equipment need to know about this cost, which they will incur if they terminate the plan before the equipment is paid for in full. This cost is the same as the equipment's outstanding balance. Although it is not a typical cancellation penalty, clients who have not paid for their equipment in full must incur this expense. Clients who pay the full charges upfront, however, don't have to pay this fee if they choose to cancel the plan. It is important for anyone who might need to discontinue their monitoring service for whatever reason to be aware of these terms. It emphasizes how crucial it is to go over the terms and conditions of financing agreements for equipment.

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Moving Fee

Our organization offers a solution to the potentially complicated process of moving with a professionally installed security system. Our personnel will prepare the system for transfer to the new location by uninstalling it from your previous house for a cost of $149. Should it be necessary, reinstalling the equipment in your new house will cost an extra $149. To ensure a smooth transition, this service also covers updating up to three components, such as doorbell cameras, thermostats, or door locks. Even though there can be a fee for this service, it provides homeowners who wish to keep utilizing their security system even after moving to a new home with an easy choice.

Extra Features

To further personalize your security system, our company offers a variety of equipment add-ons in addition to the standard packages. These extras include flood sensors, extra door and window sensors, smart locks, smart lights, garage door openers, and other smart home appliances. These upgrades come at an additional expense, but they can greatly improve your system's automation and security features. Consider carefully which extras are necessary for your particular requirements and financial situation, as these add-ons can raise the total cost of your home security system. You can design a security system that satisfies your needs and doesn't cost much more if you give these add-ons careful thought.

Savings on Homeowners Insurance

There may be possible homeowner's insurance cost savings associated with installing a home security system. Homes with security systems are eligible for savings from several insurance providers, often as high as 20%. Renters may also be eligible for this discount. These savings can considerably offset the price of installation and monitoring, so they're an important consideration when creating a budget for a home security system.

Our Rates: Home Security Monitoring Plans & packages

Home Security Pros provides three different monitoring protection levels, each of which affects the final cost of your new home security system.

premium security system

Starter Package

The Starter Package, which starts at around $600, offers a strong foundation for home protection. It has standard features like an easy-to-use touch-screen control panel, fast mobile app access, intrusion detection, and round-the-clock monitoring. For individuals looking for dependable, basic security, this package is a great place to start.

Premium Package

With the addition of video surveillance features, the Premium Package raises the bar on security. It enables homeowners to monitor their property closely using live video feeds from security cameras while they are away. It also has a theft prevention system to improve security and ward off possible intruders. The base cost of this package is $1,479.96.

Premium Plus Package

This Package offers the best combination of improved convenience and comprehensive protection. It has all the capabilities of the Premium Package plus voice control, voice-activated home automation, and stored video clips. At a base price of $2,379.92, this package is a top-tier choice because it also includes vehicle protection and location tracking to improve overall safety.


For homeowners looking to protect their assets and loved ones, the price of a home security system is an important consideration. Our home security system provides a distinctive and adaptable solution with the cost dependent on additional features, monitoring, installation, and type of equipment needed. Although the initial expenditure could appear high, it offers complete security coverage and possible home insurance savings. Homeowners can achieve the perfect balance between affordability and security by working with our staff to create a personalized security plan. This will guarantee peace of mind without going over budget.